Best Buddies

August 21, 2009

Meet Rye. Rye is a two year old lab who, lucky for us, lives across the street. From the moment they met Wrigley and Rye were best buddies. They get so excited to see each other. Whenever we take Wrigley outside he always looks to see if Rye is in his yard and gets so sad when he isn't!

Wrigley loves any attention he can get from Rye. And he is now obsessed with that yellow ball...because Rye played with it!

Rye's owner, our neighbor Sarah, gave us a bunch of Rye's old puppy supplies...including that purple harness Wrigley is wearing! Did you think the husband would let me buy something purple for a boy? No way! (Sarah's daughter is the one responsible for originally picking out Rye's accessories...which explains the purple).

They usually chase each other and then wrestle for awhile. It is hard to tell from these pictures, but Wrigley is several shades darker than Rye.

We love it when Rye comes over to play...he totally wears Wrigley out, which makes it easier for us at bedtime!

Best buds.

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2 Responses to “Best Buddies”

  1. They are too Cute together. What a great big brother.

  2. It's so nice that Wrigley has a friend close by....maybe since Rye is so well behaved, he can be a role model for the pup!


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