Bath Time

August 19, 2009

Are you sick of seeing pictures of our puppy yet? I hope not, because I have a lot more to show you...he just keeps getting bigger every day and I don't want to forget how little he was when he is (finally) all grown up!
Anyway, I give Wrigley a bath at least once a week, sometimes more...he can be a dirty pup! I am happy that for now he fits in the kitchen sink....but that won't last much longer!

He doesn't seem to mind taking a bath and loves to drink the bath water.

All wet...silly pup!

Look at that face!

Henry likes to watch the action. He loves it when the puppy gets a bath!

My helper!

All clean! Such a good boy.

His favorite part is getting wrapped up in a towel. (Can you see Henry still hanging around in the background?) The husband says we live in a zoo....I think he is right.

Nice and clean!

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7 Responses to “Bath Time”

  1. I love the pictures, love wrigley. He is too cute for words. Adorable. adorable. Teresa Disney
    PS. I lurk all the time but never leave comments but this time I just had to. :)

  2. oh my goodness, what a precious pup! how sweet!!

  3. He is so cute, especially all wrapped up in a towel after his bath!

  4. hes soo cute! and i cant believe he still fits in the sink!

    ps- my mother called herself a 'lurker'. silly mom.

  5. Too cute for words!

  6. I agree will all that post before me and love the Disney's comments. Your heart just melts when you look at him.

  7. Aside from being the cutest puppy alive he appears to be the best little guy when he gets a bath. I'm sure he enjoys being watched by the entire family. He is probably thinking Henry & Pancake your turn is coming.


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