Wedding Party and Flowers

July 30, 2009

This week Kelly, from Kelly's Korner, is hosting "Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party and Flowers". So I hope you aren't sick of seeing wedding photos on here...I just can't help myself!

Here is my beautiful bouquet. I know I've said this before but the flowers turned out exactly how I had imagined them in my mind. When I met with my florist I tried to describe how I wanted the flowers to look, but had a hard time putting it in to words. Corinne, from Sebesta Design, was wonderful. She completely understood me and made my vision come to life. I will never ever forget my flowers! (Oh, I just clicked on her website and our photos are on the main!).

Seriously, I am still in love with them.

Flowers on the head table. Corinne lit every candle for me!

Here you can kind of see the table flower arrangements. This is the small version....there was also a tall version but I can't seem to find a photo of it. Oh, and that is my mom next to me and my aunt Donna's arm grabbing that caramel apple!

Now, on to the wedding party. Here are the girls! I made our tank tops myself and hand stitched the letters on the back.

This photo makes me laugh. We may or may not have been singing a little here.

I love these girls. From left to right: Heather, Erin (my maid of honor), Rebecca, me, Erin, and Katie. Heather, Erin, and Katie were my best friends in college, Rebecca has been my friend since I was 6 years old, and the other Erin is my sister in law!

And here are the boys! From left to right: Mo, Shaun, Josh, Randy, the husband, Danny (the best man), Brett, and Ron. The boys got access to Spartan Stadium for this!

Silly boys! This is one of the husband's favorite pictures!

I love this one of the guys!

The wedding party goofing around!

And finally, the husband having a little too much fun with the girls.

And me with the boys! The husband got aviator sunglasses for all of the I had to steal his for this shot! Thanks for stopping by!

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17 Responses to “Wedding Party and Flowers”

  1. Sooo pretty! You look gorgeous! I love the red flowers and especially your red shoes!!!

  2. oh i totally remember all the singing we did! i had so much fun at your wedding, i love seeing all the pics again!

  3. Awesome wedding! Looks like it was so much fun!

  4. You have every right to be proud of your flowers - so gorgeous. And I must say, that I love the colors of your flowers with the color of your beautiful hair! Looks great together!

  5. I love your flowers!! Your pictures are awesome too!! It looks like you had a beautiful day!!

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I love the red shoes too!

  7. Absolutely love your flowers!

  8. You had a wonderful wedding party......even those silly boys!
    It was obvious that they all are very special friends and they really care for you and the husband. Your flowers were even more gorgeous in person! It was a beautiful, fun day that I will never forget.

  9. Those flowers look great against the black dresses!

  10. What a fun photo shoot!! Your flowers are gorgeous, and I just love the photo that shows all of the candles lit in a row. So classy, you were gorgeous as well!

  11. Here by way of MckLinky...

    I TOTALLY understand why you love your flowers so much, they are GORGEOUS!!!! They go so well with your beautiful red hair too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. what a pretty wedding! :) super cute blog!

  13. What a gorgeous wedding! And now I think *I'm* a little bit in love with your bouquet too...


  14. It was such a beautiful, elegant wedding. The flowers were beyond description BUT now that I think of it I can't think of words to describe "your wedding day". I will always treasure the memories.

  15. love the wedding photos! they are beautiful!

  16. Just visitng from Kelly's Korner

    Your flowers are really beautiful!

  17. Your flowers were beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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