Tigers Game

July 13, 2009

On Saturday our friends Mo and Ali invited us to go to a tigers game with them. It was my first time seeing the tigers play in person and the perfect excuse to sport my #14 Placido Polanco shirt in support of my favorite player!

Tigers were everywhere!

The boys. The husband is wearing my hat in this photo. I searched the house all week for that hat and thought that I had lost it. Then I suddenly remembered that the husband was wearing a tigers hat last weekend. When I asked him where he got it he couldn't remember. Maybe because he was wearing my hat! Well, now it is his hat, so of course we had to buy me a new one!

Me with Ali....and my new hat.

It was a fun game....unfortunately they didn't win.

The view from our seats.

Goofing around during the 9th inning.

Thanks for a great weekend Mo and Ali! Oh, and by the way, that house across the street from us is still for sale...

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2 Responses to “Tigers Game”

  1. you braved detroit and made it out alive! looks like a fun game. . .baseball is so much better in person!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the game. It looks like a lot of fun. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Mo and Allie were your neighbors.


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