July 17, 2009

Here he Wrigley! Thanks to all of you who voted for his name....we secretly wanted to name him Wrigley so we were really excited when the name won in the was a close one!

He has only been home for a few hours, but so far he is doing great!

He loves to play!

Isn't he the cutest puppy you have ever seen?

He started to play tug of war with the cute!

More pictures coming soon, I'm sure. Right now our little man is exhausted and taking a much needed nap in his bed! As for Pancake and Henry, they are actually doing really well! There were a few hisses, but so far they are being good boys. I hope it lasts!

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5 Responses to “Introducing...Wrigley!”

    I hope he sleeps well tonight.

  2. Jamie MooreJuly 18, 2009

    Adorable! Love him! You will have to bring him over sometime to hang with Molly, she loves playing with other dogs!

  3. What a doll! And what a cuuute name:) Enjoy him!

  4. Oh, Pancake and Henry, this could be real TROUBLE. You must work quickly to make this hound understand the superiority of the feline. He needs to know from the start that you are the boss of him! I have lots of experience with big hairy dogs. When he approaches, puff yourself up, including your tail, stomp your front foot, look him in the eye and hiss. If he gets too close, a quick slap with your paw across his snout will stop him in his tracks....just make sure your momma is not around when you slap him.
    Just remember, CATS RULE, DOGS DROOL!!!

  5. Wrigley is just adorable. Can't wait to see him again.


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