June 1, 2009

Last week my work sent me to a conference in San Antonio Texas. I stayed at a fancy resort and had a great time learning new stuff, meeting new people, and enjoying some Texas food and margaritas! It was my first time to San Antonio and besides being hot and humid, I really liked it. One day there was built-in free time in the schedule and the conference organizers had buses available to take us to the downtown San Antonio river walk. It was gorgeous! Definitely my favorite part of the trip!

Welcome to San Antonio!

The Alamo. It was a lot smaller than I had imagined but still really neat. Did you know that Davy Crockett was at the Alamo? I sure didn't.

Inside the Alamo grounds...very pretty.

There were these beautiful fountains all around downtown. It felt like Disneyland.

Isn't it pretty? I wanted to jump in for a swim.

Here is the river walk. So fun...but I imagine it might be a little dangerous if you had one too many margaritas. Don't worry, I only had one!

Pretty restaurants and hotels were all around the river.

Love the bridge! I could have walked around for hours.

Texas-sized flowers!

I had a great time, but is good to be back home...and out of the heat. I don't think I could live in Texas!

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7 Responses to “Texas”

  1. it looks like you had a great time! i've always wanted to go to texas--you'll have to tell me more!! i miss you!

  2. Beautiful!!! It does look like Disneyland. I want to take a trip to hang by the river and have margaritas. Great pics :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I am so glad you got a history lesson on Davey Crockett!

    Love Ya

  4. Wow! I've never been to Texas, but those pictures really make me want to go! It looks so lush and pretty!

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  6. I hear ya! I didn't think I could live in Texas either, but Holly makes a good point...there are some parts that are gorgeous so it makes up for it.

    By the way, if you ever return try to notice how the Texas flag is ALWAYS as big or bigger than the American flag. AND, don't ever get a Texan talking about how great the state is, because they will eventually get heated and tell you how they are practically their own country. Ok, so other than the heat and the annoying state pride, it's great! :)

  7. Julie, I do read your blog regularly and just love it, you have a gift. It's great to see what you've done with the house, how fun. It's great you can keep in touch with your mom this way as I know she misses you very much. I'm slow on the technical stuff in responding, but know I do take a peek on a regulary basis.


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