Master Bedroom: Before and After

June 18, 2009

Finally....some pictures of our bedroom! Remember my Ikea trip? Guess what was in that box on top of my car....a new bed! I was so tired of not having proper bedroom furniture. So at Ikea my mom and I bought a bed and two side tables. We still need another dresser, but I can't wait that long to show you how nice the bedroom looks! Here it is before we moved in:

One brown wall and three green walls. It was way too dark in there.

We ended up painting and having the carpet cleaned.

Our bedroom and new bed!

The color is "pensive sky"...I had them double the color because at first it was way too light. Love it now. The door you see in the corner is our closet. The door to the left of that is our bathroom. The black sign above my dresser and our picture says "always kiss me goodnight".

We still need to find a solution to the window above the bed. It is a weird I'm working on it!

Our closet.

Our bathroom. Well, technically my bathroom. The husband and I decided to have separate bathrooms when he was getting up at 4:00 in the morning for work. Now he doesn't have to get up that early thanks to his new job but since I totally took over the master bathroom we are still keeping things separate. And, I'm not going to lie, I really like having all the space to myself!

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour! It is still a work in progress but so much better than before!

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7 Responses to “Master Bedroom: Before and After”

  1. Another up grade that would look great in the bedroom is a wall mounted flat screen TV instead of that ugly looking TV you have in there now! jk

  2. I'm surprised that there was no orange kitty sleeping on the bed!

  3. Wow, Julie, your new home is absolutely beautiful! And I really like the color you chose for your bedroom! You'll fall asleep feeling like you're floating in the sky... :)

  4. I think we need some pictures from your wilderness trip on Friday!

  5. AnonymousJune 20, 2009

    Finally got to update myself on the blog sweetie. The house looks much progress. Glad you and your mom had a good time shopping and stimulating the economy!

    Aunt Donna

  6. i love love love the after! you did such a great job!

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