Missing Something?

May 19, 2009

Pancake is missing something. Can you spot what it is?
(By the way, do you like our new couch?)

It seems to keep mysteriously disappearing.

I think Henry has something to do with it. Can you spot what he is missing now?

His red collar is gone. I can't find it anywhere. I think he hid it from me. He likes being free. (And yes, we are watching Dancing with the Stars...don't judge.)

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5 Responses to “Missing Something?”

  1. Why do kitties look so different without a collar? He's looking around, perhaps Henry took it and hid from both of you!

  2. Maybe he ate it!
    Have you been feeding the chubby one enough?

  3. I found it this morning the the guest room! And husband, you feed him too...and he eats the daily recommend ammount of food...he is just a big guy!

  4. You forgot to mention he eats his starving brothers "daily recommend amount" too!

  5. I was actually thinking that the Cake looks a bit slimmer....especially in the last 2 photos. Is it the camera angle or am I just used to looking at his robust California cousin?


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