April 8, 2009

Jon and I are famous...sort of. Our wedding photos are all over our photographer's website! They even have an entire section devoted to us! I spoke with them today and they just loved our photos so much they had to show them off! I sure don't mind being a model. Oh, and we are being featured in an upcoming add for September, which I will be sure to post here! Check us out! My red shoes are in the first photo that comes up! http://www.loonlakehollow.com/

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3 Responses to “Famous”

  1. Your wedding pictures are beautiful! So many special touches you put in on your wedding day. The photographers were lucky to have such a beautiful couple to take pictures of! :)

  2. Your photographers were really great but they did have a lot to work with! You make a very gorgeous couple! Are you going to be in an ad for them? Very exciting.

  3. This doesn't surprise me. Your wedding pics were all fabulous.
    I don't think you have ever taken a bad picture.


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