Movin' On Up

March 1, 2009

On Saturday we made the big move in to the house! We had Mo, Cags, Chris, and Erin helping us out. Thanks guys! The poor husband was really sick, but he was a trooper and worked hard any way. So far I have unpacked the kitchen and am starting to work on the bathroom and bedroom. (Of course the first thing the boys did was hook up tv, cable, and play station!) We have so much stuff it is crazy. The previous owners took all of the window treatments, so my job is to try and get some pretty curtains up! I don't want everyone seeing me in my pjs!

We are home! The husband did not like driving this big truck.
Don't be fooled by that sunshine, it was freezing!

My man workin'.

After everyone left we went back to the condo to get the kitties. Pancake was so excited and wanted to explore every room. Henry wanted to take it slow and was a little skittish for a while. The boys seem to have adjusted a lot quicker than the last time we moved. Henry gets a little spooked from time to time, especially when he hears strange noises. Both boys love all of our windows and Pancake loves to run down the is so cute.

Pancake loves to lay on the hardwood floors in the can tell he approves of our house!

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5 Responses to “Movin' On Up”

  1. yay for moving day and kitty approval!

  2. Second try at this my first one didn't print.?!
    "We are home" brought tears to my eyes.
    Pancake will start looking like his brother now that he is getting all that exercise running up and down the stairs.
    May God Bless you as you start life in your new home.

  3. It looks like you're making great progress. I'm sure the boys will enjoy the new digs!

  4. I think I recogize those fabric napkins??

    Please provide more details about Jon's new job!

    Aunt Donna


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