The Living Room

March 18, 2009

As promised, here are the pictures of our living room. I know my mom and mother-in-law are dying to see these! Keep in mind, this room is still a work in progress! We put in new carpet and painted it a lovely shade of light green....which we love. The only problem is that a lot of our stuff is red...and doesn't really go with the green. So, I shopped the house for stuff to match, but it is a little sparse. I usually have some candles on the coffee table...but when your decorating budget is $0, you just have to go without! Thoughts on how I can improve this room are welcomed.

Main wall with the couch and some of our wedding and engagement photos. Love it. This room has awesome crown molding.

View from the corner of the room. The husband was playing video games...and drinking out of a blue cup, as you can see.

Oops...this is a bad picture, sorry. The shelf looks weird here, but I promise it is centered on the wall and looks good. I have been trying to be less girly with the decorating...hence the bowl of baseballs.

View from the dining room.....our red chair needs a new cover! I'm thinking white...with some brown and green pillows. Do you see what is on top of the chair?

That would be his favorite spot.

We have a ton of remotes in the room.

And of course, Pancake had to make his way in to the photos, as always. I hope you enjoyed the tour....can't wait until this room is finished!

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3 Responses to “The Living Room”

  1. I love it!! I knew you could & would make this such a beautiful home for you and Jon. The bowl of baseballs touches my heart & I see the clock on the table. Your beautiful candlesticks. Yes, you are home!

  2. It's looking great! The well placed kitties are a nice touch. My suggestions would be to move that black box and center the book case under the wall shelf.....also, in time, replace the tan drapes with white. Looking forward to more photos!

  3. i think a universal remote is in your near future. . . mike and jon need to chat (he has an amazing one and as a electronic fiend he found a great one!). . . miss you!


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