Laundry Room

March 12, 2009

Since it is taking forever to unpack, I decided that I would show you the one room in our house that is done...well, almost done...the laundry room! We need to paint the walls....I'm sure that will happen at some point...just not any time soon. Regardless, here is our laundry room. Only the best for the blog.

It actually turned out nice!

See our cute window curtain...I made it! And guess what I used....fabric napkins! I just pinned them up there with fabric tacks and it totally works for now. And it was free!

Our fabulous washer and them.

And no post would be complete without a few shots of the boys enjoying the house. The lighting wasn't so great so I just converted them to black and white. In case you can't tell, Pancake is on the left and Henry is on the right. They just love sitting in our windows.

Pancake LOVES to play with plastic bags. Last night I caught him like this and just had to snap a photo. Such a cute bag boy, don't you think?

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4 Responses to “Laundry Room”

  1. Is that a window "mistreatment" I see? Great job! Jealous of your cool washer and dryer and glad you're starting to feel settled in :)

  2. So very cute. I can't wait for more pics.

  3. Yes, I mistreated my window! My mom didn't pass down the sewing gene to me!

  4. Very cute ....washer and dryer are just WOW! I envy you, I've never had a laundry "room"!

    Pancake looks like he is wearing an apron...getting ready to do some baking!


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