This is How I Feed Him

January 9, 2009

Henry eats his meals up on the counter. I know it sounds weird but really we had no choice. A certain chubby orange kitty likes to steal Henry's food. Solution: put it up on the counter. It takes a lot of effort for the Cake to jump up on the keeping Henry's food out of his reach has been good for his "diet".

Henry has a French cat food bowl. We like to support diversity around here. It says "J'aime mon chat" which means "I love my cat"....I know this because I took French like 10 years ago. Oh and get friend John, who took French with me, lives in France! He is fluent. Totally makes me look like the French class drop-out. And I swear I was better at it than him...back when I was 15 years old.

Moving on....I like how he is almost like a real person here...sitting at a table eating his meal all professional like.

This side of the bowl is Spanish...we have quite the multicultural kitties in this house.

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  1. Hennie is sure a handsome lad. I love the first picture.


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