Henry in High Places

January 28, 2009

Last night I walked in to the kitchen and discovered this little guy on top of the cabinets.

I have no idea how he got up there.

Henry keeping watch.

Isn't he cute?

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4 Responses to “Henry in High Places”

  1. I just can't believe he got up there. How did he get down? I guess he thinks he has to check out every inch of the condo before you move him.....again!

  2. It's me again. I showed Karol (teacher in classroom) Henry on top of the cupboard. She said to ask if you had to call the fire dept. to get him down.

  3. No fire dept. necessary! He just jumped down!

  4. Maybe he just needed to get away from Pancake for a bit........or maybe he wanted to taunt the cake since we all know the cake could never get up there!


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