October 29, 2008

More Wedding Pictures!

On Saturday Jon and I went to our friends Ron and Sara's house to watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game. They just got married in August and now have a beautiful new house! I was jealous! Anyway, Sara made me a cd of over 200 photos from our wedding! Ron was in the wedding, so Sara got pictures of the guys getting ready and the girls! I was so excited! Here are just a few. Thanks Sara!

Danny helping my man get ready.
Cute shot of me before the ceremony....getting pretty.

I love this picture of Katie digging up the back of my dress!

Love this shot of our dads with Jon.

The groomsmen! Don't they look good?

Cute shot of our program and flags that my mom and grandma made.

We did it!

I love how Jon is holding my dress for me!

October 23, 2008

Proof that we did, in fact, get married...

Oh look...thanks to my grandma we have a few wedding pics. Seems like everyone else was too in awe of me to snap any photos...but grandma managed to get a few! So I'm stealing them. We will have to wait a few more weeks for the professional photos. But for now, here you go!

Me and my dad getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Me with my beautiful bridesmaids!

Keepin' the dress clean!

The back of my dress.

October 21, 2008

Honeymoon Part 2...The Hike

Yes, you read that title correctly....on our honeymoon Jon and I went on a hike! We did not originally plan it, but our hot air balloon ride was cancelled due to 40 mph winds....needless to say I was disappointed. So we went on a hike instead...some compromise huh? It was fun though....most of it at least.

My husband getting ready to set out.

It was a beautiful day.

Showing off my photography skills.

A big bridge that was cool I guess.

The husband again!

The ginormous tarantula that was on the trail. Jon spotted it and nearly fell off the cliff....totally freaked me out! It was as big as his hand....neither of us had ever seen a spider that big that wasn't in a cage! Needless to say we were scared....and after we passed him we just had to go back and take a picture to document it!

There were a lot of cactus (cacti?) on the trail. I like to call this part of the hike "Julie is cranky because there is too much desert and not enough trees".

Ah, much better. We finally reached the creek and the pretty trees!

I like to call this part "attempting to cross the creek on tiny tree branches".

He made it half way!

It was really beautiful and peaceful.

I survived the hike! It was like 2.5 miles...go me.

October 15, 2008


Jon and I went to Sedona, Arizona for our honeymoon. And it was wonderful. It was very relaxing and the weather was nice and warm! We stayed at a luxury bed and breakfast called The Lodge at Sedona and we loved it! Here are some of our pictures.

The Arizona Flag.

My husband outside by the sign to the lodge.

The outside of the lodge...it was beautiful!

We were served a gourmet breakfast every morning out on the deck. It was delicious! Except for this day...this was my least favorite but it was the only day I remembered to bring my camera to breakfast! All of the other days were sooo yummy!

The private entrance to our guest suite, the Mission Grande!

Inside out suite. Jon and I were totally diggin' the leather chairs.

Our private deck.

The bed!

The new Mr. and Mrs. by some beautiful Sedona red rock! More pictures coming soon.

October 14, 2008

Just Married

We did it! I am now a married woman! Our wedding was wonderful and for the most part went very smoothly! And it didn't rain! Yes!

Jon and I had a fabulous honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona. Pictures coming soon once I get myself settled. I would also love to post pictures of the wedding...but I don't have any! My friends took some of the reception, but no one has pictures of Jon and I outside, or pictures of the bridal party outside the church looking pretty! I guess that is what happens when all of your girl friends are in the wedding and thus do not have their cameras... or maybe it was just that the person who usually snaps the pics was the bride! So we will have to wait until the professional pictures are done. Sad, I know. For now you can enjoy this picture....I love the bridal party gettin' down....pretty much sums up the night right there!

Jon has his first day at his new job today, so please pray that it goes well for him. I go back to work tomorrow.....so much to do before then!

October 4, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel

Well, it's officially my last night as a single girl. I received my last single girl kiss... (it was a practice one for tomorrow, and don't worry...it will be "in the realm of decency"). We're on our way to the chapel tomorrow where I will officially become Mrs. R! And yes, for all who were wondering...I have been practicing my new name in cursive over and over. I think I've finally got it down.
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