August 30, 2008

Meet Pepper

This is Pepper. We call him "The Beef" or some variation of that...don't ask me why, I can't remember. Back in the good ol' days when I lived in the sunshine state he was my cat...but now he is my mom's. We've had Pepper since I was 10 years he is like crazy old in cat years. He totally digs it when I am home and follows me around. Talk about cute. When I was in high school he used to get mad when my bedroom door was closed so he would go outside, climb the tree by my window, and cry until I opened the window and let him in. As soon as he was in my room he would leave and do the EXACT SAME THING again....he would do it like 3 times....just because he could. Crazy boy. I miss him....and I miss that cute little white spot on his side too.

August 26, 2008

More CA Shower

Here are the rest of the bridal shower in CA pics....finally. I've been crazy busy beyond busy...I promise. So here they are!

Me with my maid of honor and fabulous shower hostess

Me with Rebecca....friends since we were 6 years old!

Me and Heather!

This is my little sis in my sorority, Ashleigh...all grown up...I feel old!

3 of my 5 bridesmaids...aren't they pretty?

Delta girls's a thing we like to do whenever a camera is around...we're weird.

Me with all of the lovely ladies! I had such a good time! Thanks girls!

August 19, 2008

California Bridal Shower Part 1

As promised, here are some pictures of my wonderful trip to California. My maid of honor, e, and my Aunt Donna hosted a Bridal shower for me. It was sooo fun! It was the first "real" wedding event so far....and it made me realize just how quickly our wedding day is approaching.

Here is a great picture of the yummy cupcakes my mom made. That's right she made them! With a little help from yours truly of course! We totally stressed over these little cakes...but it was worth it.

My job was to pack them up in these cute little boxes and tie them with a bow and picture tag of me when I was little. Can you say c-u-t-e? They were so adorable and everyone loved them. Good job mom!

Now for some more shots of the food at the shower! Here are some of the mini deserts my mom and I picked up from a local bakery. They were super cute and super yummy.

This picture just cracks me up. This is me with my cousin John recreating our ring bearer and flower girl picture from ages ago. You can see the original in the front. Needless to say John is a bit taller now! Donna had tons of pictures of me all over her was a Julie shrine!

Now back to the food. These were the yummy little sandwiches that e and her mom made! So cute.

And here is the fruit...I couldn't resist snapping a picture of all looked so yummy and summery and scrumptious! And don't even get me started on how fabulous the mango was.

Me with Donna...and some yummy mini cheesecakes. Donna was a great host...all of the girls just loved her! And Donna loved having some girls over to her usually boy filled house. She brought out several pairs of shoes to show off and model for fun.

The best part of the shower was catching up with all my family and friends. And the second best part was the presents! I have a ton of pictures of the crazy gifts I received....but most of them are a little too scandalous to post on the blog if you know what I mean. But here I am opening another scandalous gift but showing off the cute card that my friend Jenn made me!

Here is one of my friends and bridesmaid, Heather. She did a wonderful job of making my rehearsal bouquet out of all the bows. Everyone was impressed with her skills!

Me and Heather with the finished bouquet. Good job Heather!

More pictures coming soon!

August 15, 2008

Need some cuteness in your life?

Pictures of my trip to California are coming soon, I promise....but in the meantime you can enjoy looking at this cute little face.

August 12, 2008

California...there and back

Did you miss me? I just returned from my trip home to California. And it was wonderful...and stressful...and overwhelming...and fun. Guess who had to extend her trip by one extra day because there was just too much to do? Yep. That was me...big fat airline fine and all. I was originally scheduled to fly in Tuesday night and leave Sunday morning. On Saturday evening my mom and I were close to a break down and had no desire to work through the night so we decided to change my flight so I could leave Monday instead. It was totally worth it.

I had a good time in California catching up with friends I haven't seen in way too long, shopping for gifts and wedding jewelry, and making invitations (the invitations were what nearly drove us to insanity).

I'll post some pictures of my wonderful bridal shower hosted by my Aunt Donna and my maid of honor, e, as soon as I unpack and get myself organized. It finally hit me that there are less than 8 weeks until "I Do" about overwhelming! There is sooo much to do. Luckily my mom is coming out here to Michigan next week to help me!

August 3, 2008

Ron and Sara's Wedding

As promised, here are some pictures that I took of Ron and Sara's wedding day. I didn't take any of the actual wedding, because I didn't want to be that girl....but I took plenty of the reception. It was hard to pick which ones to post. We had lots of fun at their wedding and it was great to be able to catch up with friends.

Here is their cute cake. Love love love the topper.

Chris and Jamie

Mike and Geori

Me and my groomsman...and his pink tie!

Here is Ron going for Sara's garter with his a lot of great pics of that one!

He got it on the second attempt...good man, Ron.

Jon and his fellow groomsmen Johnny Mo, Brett, and Craig. They had a good time at the head table. Our table was right next to theirs....much appreciated!

Jon and Mo laughing at something.....I seemed to get a lot of pics of these two.

Ali and Mo lookin' cute.

My favorite pic outside at the golf course.

Another favorite of Jon and Mo.

After some drinks things started to get a little crazy...Craig decided to just wear his vest for the rest of the evening.

Soon this was happening....

Which turned in to this. On the far left is Ron's dad, Ron The First. Followed by Ron's brother Randal, Ron, My Man, Brett and then Craig and Mo in front. Everyone sure got a kick out of these boys. We called them our Chip n' Dales dancers. Sara's dad shortly followed suit...but I didn't get a picture of it.

Needless to say we had a good time! Best wishes to Ron and Sara!

August 2, 2008


Today, Jon is in his friend Ron's wedding. So last night we went to the rehearsal to prepare for the big day. Of course I brought my camera...although the light in the church was awful, so I'm not too happy with most of my pics. I did manage to get some good shots of the groomsmen.

In this pic: Chad, Brett, Johnny Mo, My Hubby-To-Be, Craig, and Ron's brother Randal. Brett and Johnny Mo are in our wedding too...and so is Ron.

And these are the bridesmaids....needless to say most of them are on the young side. The one on the end is seven years old and terrified of the boys. I don't blame her....look at who she has to walk with...

I think this is the best picture I took all night. Craig and the Best Man, Randal. Randal is trouble...and he sure likes to have his picture taken. Craig is paired up with the seven year old bridesmaid....he made nice at the rehearsal dinner and drew her some pictures. They are boyfriend and girlfriend now.

Actually this might be the best picture. This is Jordan the ring bearer. Instead of walking down the isle he opted to run around the entire church three times. I sure hope he does the same today at the actual wedding. He just cracked me up. Here he is with his "lion" named "tigger"....can you say cutie pie?

Here are Ron and Sara, the happy couple, practicing their vows and NOT practicing the end kiss...apparently it is bad luck to kiss at the rehearsal....good to know.

During the dinner Jon leaned over to me and said "I can't wait until it is our turn"...and my heart just melted. I couldn't help but start thinking about our big day (just 64 more days to go!). I think after seeing Ron and Sara's rehearsal, it all started to feel more real to me...we can't wait!

I'll try and post some wedding pictures tomorrow! Now I have to go help my boy get ready...and put on his hot pink tie....
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