February 28, 2008

Pancake and Henry

It is so hard being a kitty....

You have to sleep at least 19 hours a day....

And explore empty boxes....

And get inside any empty bag left on the ground....

And play with your toys....

And do the ironing....

And clean out the refrigerator....

And organize your mom's purse....

And do your stretches....

And look cute at all times...

It really is a rough life.

February 27, 2008

Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Check out my soon to be hubby. What a hunk huh?

He is such a good sport....letting me document him drinking a pretty drink....

and being sweet to my kitty.

What else could a girl ask for?

February 25, 2008

I found my dress!

Yes, it is true...I found my wedding dress....a beautiful black tulle ensemble with huge red polka dots all over it! I decided to go the non-traditional route and it will be fabulous! The bridesmaids will wear similar dresses, with pink, green, or orange dots...I haven't decided yet.

Just kidding! I mean I like polka dots and all, but I'm not crazy. These lovely little numbers were actual dresses from Lett's Bridal....and it is safe to say that the best part of the day was when we were greated by none other than Mr. Lett himself. As soon as we walked in his little shop, he said "I have a question for you ladies....do you feel half as good as you look?" --we were smitten with him from the start....and I think e was ready to marry him....he was such a cute old guy! I did find my dress (from a much more serious bridal shop), and it is white (well technically ivory) and it is lovely. Dress shopping turned out to be quite an ordeal. Two of the places we went to were just not up to par. You would not believe the obnoxious dresses out there! Plus, we learned that I have an abnormally large rib cage and small boobs (well we already knew that second part). (I want to meet one of these small-rib-cage-busty women out there....I don't think they exist.) Anyway, e's solution was to offer to break a few of my ribs....such a great maid of honor huh? But luckily I had both my mom and e with me to not only help me zip up these monstrosities but also to help make the big decision. According to e, angels sung and the heavens opened up when I put on the dress, so we knew that it was the one! And no, I will not send out pictures of the actual dress...you all will just have to wait until October 5th to see me in all my glory!

It was great to have some company this weekend and finally have my bff visit me out here in Michigan. Even the weather cooperated and it was around 30 degrees for several days! (That may sound very cold to you California people, but to us Michiganders, it was a welcomed warming trend!) (I just referred to myself as a Michigander.....someone please help me!). Anyway, we had a great time attempting to try on insane dresses, texting our friend Heather completely obnoxious dresses that we claimed were what I wanted the bridesmaids to wear, eating caramel apples, and making the save the date cards (with Jon's mom and sister too!). Overall it was a great weekend. Plus my mom took me shopping and bought me a few things....which is ALWAYS appreciated!

Miss you both already and thanks for coming dress shopping with me!

February 20, 2008

BFF is coming to Michigan!

My bff is coming to snowy Michigan to see me tomorrow! I can't wait for snow angels, catching up on gossip, dress shopping, and being crafty....
This is a pic from when I kidnapped her for her birthday....isn't she cute? I might just have to blindfold her again when I pick her up from the airport....and tell her not to speak...and then drop her off in a remote location and make her find her way to my apartment....just kidding, I would never do that....oh the good ol' days!

February 19, 2008

I'm a nerd

That's right, I admit it. I am a total nerd. You might not know it from looking at me and my collection of pretty shoes and fun handbags...but somewhere deep down inside of me lives my geeky, nerdy, true self....who happens to love nerdy boy movies like Transformers, Harry Potter, Start Wars, and of course Indiana Jones. This past weekend Jon and I (by the way, Jon is probably the only person who knows just how much I truly, deeply, and madly love these movies....we recenlty bought all six Star Wars movies...it was heaven) anyway...we went to see Jumper (also sort of a geeky guy movie, but very disappointing by the way)....and I got my first look at the new Indiana Jones trailer. I was shaking with excitement...and Jon was totally embarrassed. He kept giving me that look that says Julie, I know you love Indidana Jones but seriously you need to calm down before you break my hand. Anyway, I am so excited. I can't wait until May 22nd when I can be reunited with Harrison Ford...in his Indy hat...being chased by bad guys....

February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

Since it is your birthday, I get to embarrass you a little. Party it up!

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today at work I received this adorable bouquet of Valentine's Day cookies from Jon! Isn't he cute? I was so surprised at his thoughtfulness. He's a keeper....I should marry him...oh wait, I am!

February 11, 2008

The Poop Monster

I apologize in advance for the excessive use of "poo" in this post. If it grosses you out, please stop reading now. You have officially been warned. So....my cat Pancake has a new name...the Poop Monster. Don't be fooled by his cuteness, this cat is trouble. For whatever reason and out of nowhere, my sweet, good-natured, litter-box-trained, chubby little kitty has decided he no longer wants to do his business in his litter box. He now prefers to leave me presents right next to his box. I've tried everything I can think of to change his mind. I tried getting a larger box (I mean the boy weighs a good 15 pounds, so maybe he needs more room to do his stuff right?) when that didn't help I tried taking the lid cover off the box so that he could have more of an open outdoor pooing experience...also, didn't work. Next I tried moving the box to the spot on the floor he apparently preferred to go....also no luck. I got rid of my bathroom rug so as not to distract him from the spot he should be going, I bought pretty smelling candles to make it more inviting...but still the little bugger refuses to use his box. I have become obsessed with trying to train the Poop Monster to go where all good little kitties should go. Mind you, the litter box is still his preferred place for releasing his bladder (thank God...that would just about push me over the edge) but he for some reason up and decided that the box will just not do when it comes time to take a poo (ha, it rhymes!). What is a girl to do? He knows where he needs to go...why doesn't he JUST DO IT?
The Poop Monster must think this is just a fun game....some days he'll try to make me think he has converted back to the box...but then, just when I am about to jump for joy at my awesome kitty whispering techniques, he leaves me yet another unwanted present on the bathroom floor. Suggestions on what I should do are welcomed.

1 is the loneliest number

So as I am leaving my apartment this morning to make the long trek into work, my snow-hatin' Jeep informs me that it is 1 degree outside. Yup, you read that right...1 DEGREE! I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit at the sight of that lonely number. As if yesterday's 3 degree weather wasn't bad enough! And then, once I make it in to work (alive, thank God! and still wearing my boots and my coat to warm up) my bff "e" (new nickname as of today) emails me this little gem "it was 77 here yesterday." By "here" she means back home in glorious California. I quickly responded that I hate her.

February 7, 2008

Angels Among Us

So, yesterday Cooley canceled evening classes due to "unsafe driving conditions" and let all us staff people go home an hour early. At first I was jumping for joy (I LOVE to leave early!) and then I looked outside....and was scared for my life...literally. But I decided to suck it up and brave the wintery roads. My usual commute of 20 minutes quickly turned in to a hour. I decided to try a different way home (big mistake of course). While stuck behind two big school buses I started to get cranky and frustrated....I was losing my patience and fast (anyone who knows me knows that when this happens, I am not fun to be around). When it was finally my turn to go up a small hill, to my horror my rear tires were spinning but I was going nowhere. Horrible sounds started to come from my poor Jeep. And cars started to honk at me. I was completely terrified. Us California girls do not know how to drive in the snow, and this had never happened to me before! Panic quickly set in and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes...I had absolutely no idea what to do. Just when I was about to loose it, like out of a dream, about six teenaged kids come running to my rescue. No questions asked, they all got behind my Jeep and started pushing. After about 20 seconds or so (it seemed like a lifetime to me!) I was free! And then the tears really started coming down. What an awful person I was being just moments before. Complaining about my situation and getting all cranky and worked up. And then these six kids come over while it is snowing like crazy to help out the tearful California girl...without hesitation. I don't know what I would have done without that pack of teenagers. I want to find out who they were and give them all a hug...and maybe some homemade cookies....and cupcakes. So for the rest of my trip home (still mildly hysterical) I just prayed over and over "please God, keep me safe....and thank you for sending me my teenage rescue team!" I couldn't shake the incident all night....I do know that God it watching and sends us angels....just when we need them the most...

Henry enjoying the snow

Pancake keeping it real

February 6, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

I've decided that it is time for me to start writing a blog. Not that my life in cold Michigan(and when I say "cold" I mean extreme don't go outside with wet hair or you will have icicles on your head kind of cold) is particularly interesting...BUT I am planning a wedding and have family out in California that I don't get to see very often...SO I am writing this blog so that they can know what is going on in my oh-so-cold-and-fabulous life. Plus, I have been inspired by the Pioneer Woman (please check out her blog, it will change your life http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/). So if she can do it, so can I! And if no one reads my blog, oh well...it provides me with some entertainment!
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