Our First Christmas Tree!

December 2, 2008

On Sunday Jon and I braved the snow storm and got our first Christmas tree! We were both really excited to pick out the perfect tree for our first Christmas as a married couple. Jon grew up with mostly fake trees and insisted that we get a real one. I, of course, was totally down with that plan. Much to Jon's surprise, I told him that when I was little my mom and I would go to the Christmas tree farm to select our tree. Jon couldn't believe we actually went to a farm...or that Christmas tree farms even existed in California! He thought we just went to Target and picked one out. Ha! Leave it to the California girl to out-do the Michigan boy.

So we googled Christmas tree farms in Grand Rapids...and basically found nothing. I called a few places but the phone numbers didn't work/they were closed. Since it was really snowing outside, we decided to forget our farm plan and just go to Flowerland to get our tree. Not quite the experience we had in mind, but we still found a great tree! Next year, we are chopping it down ourselves....maybe.

This is what it looked like the day we got our tree. Perfect day for Christmas decorations!

Our car with the tree on top!

Pancake was a little curious about the new tree. I was a little nervous that the kitties would try to climb it.
Mostly Henry just wanted to bite the tree.

There it is all decorated! Please ignore the empty photo frame in the background...it is a work in progress.

We played Christmas music and drank mimosas...it was perfect. Last year after Christmas my mom and I went to Target to buy a ton of ornaments at 50% off in preparation for this year. It was so fun to finally get to use them! We also had a box of Jon's childhood ornaments that his parents gave us...some of them were pretty funny! Pancake and Henry knocked a few ornaments off to play with, but overall have been really good...so far.

And look, we already have one present under the tree!

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5 Responses to “Our First Christmas Tree!”

  1. I can't wait to see your tree.The ornaments look very nice on this special first tree. I'm glad you used them. Hope to see you soon.

  2. omg!! i love love love it. . . now fly to me, and decorate mine. bring some snow!

  3. A very nice tree........ Pancake is such a helper!

  4. Your first Christmas tree together! What a special thing that will be to remember a long time from now :) It looks great.

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