Back by Popular Demand

November 23, 2008

I know you are probably sick of my post-wedding I thought everyone could use a healthy dose of the two cutest orange kitties in town. Pancake and Henry love our new condo and have been settling in quite well. Here is just a peak of what they are up to on a daily basis.

The boys looking for turkeys....yes, we have seen turkeys from this window.

Love their little faces.

They do a fair amount of play fighting too. Those dishes in the sink are clean, I promise.

Pancake loves to watch Jon on the computer.

Henry snuggling with Jon.

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2 Responses to “Back by Popular Demand”

  1. Too cute,
    What a good life your boys have!!

  2. Looks like all your boys' really love each other. What a lucky girl you are!


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