These things don't happen in California...

September 26, 2008

This morning as I went to take out my trash I was startled to discover two little eyes staring back at me from inside the trash bin! OH MY! I let out a little screech and and slammed the lid back down. After the initial shock, I realized it was a raccoon! In the trash bin! So then I carefully opened the trash back up to confirm it was in fact a raccoon and not a scary monster! The poor thing was terrified of me...I felt soooo bad! There he was, trapped in a trash bin, scared out of his mind, and then to top it all off a crazy red headed lady comes and screams at him! Poor was totally not his day. I was slightly worried that he would attack me...but he was crouching in the corner out of fear...and I just about starting crying right about the saddest thing ever! So of course I had to come up with a plan. I put down all my stuff and struggled to lift the big heavy lid up so that my little scared friend could escape. I hope he does. I have a half day at work today, so I plan on checking to see if he got out as soon as I get home!

These kind of things rarely happen in California. We do see our fair share of raccoons...but I have never found one locked in the trash! When I was in college we had a family of raccoons that lived by my dorm...they were sooo cute! Let's hope that mr. raccoon made it out safely!

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2 Responses to “These things don't happen in California...”

  1. Thankfully, it wasn't a skunk that you startled!!

  2. That makes me want to cry... thank you for being there to try to help him get out:)


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