August 2, 2008

Today, Jon is in his friend Ron's wedding. So last night we went to the rehearsal to prepare for the big day. Of course I brought my camera...although the light in the church was awful, so I'm not too happy with most of my pics. I did manage to get some good shots of the groomsmen.

In this pic: Chad, Brett, Johnny Mo, My Hubby-To-Be, Craig, and Ron's brother Randal. Brett and Johnny Mo are in our wedding too...and so is Ron.

And these are the bridesmaids....needless to say most of them are on the young side. The one on the end is seven years old and terrified of the boys. I don't blame her....look at who she has to walk with...

I think this is the best picture I took all night. Craig and the Best Man, Randal. Randal is trouble...and he sure likes to have his picture taken. Craig is paired up with the seven year old bridesmaid....he made nice at the rehearsal dinner and drew her some pictures. They are boyfriend and girlfriend now.

Actually this might be the best picture. This is Jordan the ring bearer. Instead of walking down the isle he opted to run around the entire church three times. I sure hope he does the same today at the actual wedding. He just cracked me up. Here he is with his "lion" named "tigger"....can you say cutie pie?

Here are Ron and Sara, the happy couple, practicing their vows and NOT practicing the end kiss...apparently it is bad luck to kiss at the rehearsal....good to know.

During the dinner Jon leaned over to me and said "I can't wait until it is our turn"...and my heart just melted. I couldn't help but start thinking about our big day (just 64 more days to go!). I think after seeing Ron and Sara's rehearsal, it all started to feel more real to me...we can't wait!

I'll try and post some wedding pictures tomorrow! Now I have to go help my boy get ready...and put on his hot pink tie....

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2 Responses to “Rehearsing”

  1. It is so cute how excited you too are for the wedding .I am so happy for you.

  2. You and Jon will have your turn real soon. I can't wait!


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