California Bridal Shower Part 1

August 19, 2008

As promised, here are some pictures of my wonderful trip to California. My maid of honor, e, and my Aunt Donna hosted a Bridal shower for me. It was sooo fun! It was the first "real" wedding event so far....and it made me realize just how quickly our wedding day is approaching.

Here is a great picture of the yummy cupcakes my mom made. That's right she made them! With a little help from yours truly of course! We totally stressed over these little cakes...but it was worth it.

My job was to pack them up in these cute little boxes and tie them with a bow and picture tag of me when I was little. Can you say c-u-t-e? They were so adorable and everyone loved them. Good job mom!

Now for some more shots of the food at the shower! Here are some of the mini deserts my mom and I picked up from a local bakery. They were super cute and super yummy.

This picture just cracks me up. This is me with my cousin John recreating our ring bearer and flower girl picture from ages ago. You can see the original in the front. Needless to say John is a bit taller now! Donna had tons of pictures of me all over her was a Julie shrine!

Now back to the food. These were the yummy little sandwiches that e and her mom made! So cute.

And here is the fruit...I couldn't resist snapping a picture of all looked so yummy and summery and scrumptious! And don't even get me started on how fabulous the mango was.

Me with Donna...and some yummy mini cheesecakes. Donna was a great host...all of the girls just loved her! And Donna loved having some girls over to her usually boy filled house. She brought out several pairs of shoes to show off and model for fun.

The best part of the shower was catching up with all my family and friends. And the second best part was the presents! I have a ton of pictures of the crazy gifts I received....but most of them are a little too scandalous to post on the blog if you know what I mean. But here I am opening another scandalous gift but showing off the cute card that my friend Jenn made me!

Here is one of my friends and bridesmaid, Heather. She did a wonderful job of making my rehearsal bouquet out of all the bows. Everyone was impressed with her skills!

Me and Heather with the finished bouquet. Good job Heather!

More pictures coming soon!

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