They Always Find Me

July 15, 2008

Lost kittens....always find me. And I always rescue them. I can't help it. I must have a sign on my forehead that says "lost kittens come here". Jon and I found this little girl yesterday. She is now living in my bathroom until I either find her owner or find a new home for her. And I must say that Miss Priss is one of the sweetest little kittens I have ever seen. She just loves to purr and purr and purr. And eat. She likes that too. And she likes me for feeding her.

Miss Priss has a flea collar on, so she must belong to someone! And I cannot keep her. Absolutely cannot keep her. Two kitties is enough for me. And let me tell you, my two boys are super curious about her. Since she has a flea collar on and I don't know what shots she has had I thought it would be best to separate her from my boys. I don't want them to get fleas or rubella or anything like that. (I'm sure this little girl is fine, I haven't noticed any fleas on her at all...but just in case).

So far, Pancake seems to totally want to be her friend. He lays outside of the bathroom and watches her from under the door. He even puts his paws under the door to reach her. Henry is a little nervous and scared but still curious. Miss Priss, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the big scary orange boys. She has sent several growls and hisses their way. So, needless to say she will be kept away from them until I find her a home.

Please pray that I find her owners (signs are going up today) or that I find her a home. I absolutely cannot keep her...I must keep reminding myself of that!

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2 Responses to “They Always Find Me”

  1. She is beautiful!! Good luck finding her owner. She looks loved so I hope her owner gets her back.

  2. Nice work on finding a home for the little kitty!!! I honestly thought she was going to become a member of the family...dodged that bullet!!!


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