July 3, 2008

Yesterday my power went out. We had a bad storm complete with thunder and lightening, heavy rain, hail, and a tornado watch. Such a fun day in Michigan huh? Needless to say I was a little scared for my life while I was at work. Luckily, my co-workers took my mind off things...and they also laughed at my woosy Californian ways. On my way home from work I noticed several trees were down and the traffic lights were all out...not a good sign. So, I figured that my power would be out too...and it was. Poor Pancake and Henry were sitting in the dark by themselves. So my original plans for dinner were ruined since there was no way of cooking anything...stupid electric stove! And I didn't want to go out to get something because 1. it was raining cows and horses, 2. since all of the traffic lights were out there was some mad crazy traffic going on and 3. the restaurants on my street were without power too. So anyway I had a great dinner of cereal and fruit. Same thing I had for breakfast. Basically I was bored bored bored out of my mind. I spent my time going through my dresser (and ended up filling eight bags with stuff to give to good will!), playing chase the flashlight with P & H, caught up with an old friend on the phone, and did some reading. Oh, and I definitely put all of my candles to good use.

And in case you were wondering, today the power is still out...I am illegally blogging from work, so don't tell on me. You can only imagine what a hot mess I look like today with no curling iron to do my hair.

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  1. I am glad that you survived and sorry that you couldn't get a better dinner. The power went out while I was in London but it didn't last long so it was fun. Power back and going well?


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