Kitten Update

July 19, 2008

Good news! Little black kitten has a home! After I put up "found kitten" signs all around my neighborhood and heard nothing, I started to worry about finding a home for her. I looked in to taking her to the animal shelter, but I didn't feel too great about that option. Luckily, I heard that a girl at my work might be interested in adopting her, so I quickly called her up and persuaded her to take a look at the little princess. So, I left early from work to go home to pick her up and sneak her in to the building. Needless to say, my co-worker fell in love with Miss Priss right away (it sure helped that she was all purrs and snuggles too!). So, I had to say goodbye to the little kitty but I feel so good that she has a nice home now!

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One Response to “Kitten Update”

  1. You have started the Michigan chapter of the itty bitty kitty committee!
    Well done.


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