Happy Birthday to Me

July 14, 2008

Did I mention that today is my BIRTHDAY??? Today I am officially a quarter of a century old. No longer in my early twenties, I am now in the mid twenties. In 5 years I will be 30. Man, I'm old! There is nothing really fun about turning 25...other than the fact that my car insurance rate will go down...go me.

On the agenda for today:
1. Not going to work!
2. Getting a airbrush fake tan (yikes).
3. Hanging out with my soon-to-be-hubby.
4. Presents! Oh wait, I was supper greedy and already opened them....oh well.
5. Being treated like a princess...always good.

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8 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. happy birthday Julie!!!!! :)

    such a cute little girl! :)

  2. ps..... 25's not that much different than 24 :) it just means you're more mature.... right?

    oh... and congrats on your soon-to-be marriage :) i'm soooo looking forward to presents.

    You were an adorable little girl and you've become a beautiful young woman, inside and out. Have a great day and enjoy your reduced rate care insurance!!
    Love you.

  4. .......you know I meant "car" insurance, but actually you are only 30 years from AARP membership!!!!

  5. happy birthday day to you !

  6. today is also my birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, Julie!!! Yes you were an incredibly cute child - and now you're an incredibly beautiful woman:) Enjoy your special day!

  8. Thought I'd wish you Happy Birthday again. I love your picture. Hope your day was as special as you are.


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