June 10, 2008

We finally did it...we registered. And let me tell you it was F-U-N. Jon and I both took Friday off of work to spend some time together and register for some fabulous wedding gifts. I came prepared with a detailed list of the things we needed...and did we use it? Not really. We were both overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in the stores. I actually think Jon had more fun than I did. He was in charge of the "gun" and I was in charge of the list.

Here is Jon with the gun registering for a moose shaped plate (his choice, not mine). Periodically throughout the day I would be in one part of the store and Jon would be in another and I would just hear "beep" "beep" 'beep" as he was picking out items. When I got home I discovered not only did he register for the matching coasters to his moose plate, but also a bear and moose salt and pepper shaker, and a monkey shaped potato peeler.

Here I am trying to look professional with my list.

We ended up registering at Macy's, Kohl's, and Pottery Barn. Oh and Crate and Barrel too...but that doesn't really count because we did it online a few weeks ago because there isn't a C&B close to us. We didn't plan on doing 4 stores, but registering is hard! I was stressing out over our bedding. We didn't really like anything we saw at the stores. So we added on Pottery Barn because we found the cutest duvet cover that we both liked (a hard task, let me tell you!). Side note: you try explaining the difference between a duvet cover, a comforter, a blanket, and a quilt to a boy...tough stuff, believe me.

The Macy's gun wasn't as fun as the Kohl's gun, but Jon made it work.

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3 Responses to “Registering”

  1. I didn't see any of Jon's selections on your registry....what happened?? I laughed out loud at your description of his choices......everyone needs a monkey shaped potato peeler. You must learn to compromise, girlie!

  2. Glad you had fun. Erin has already wanted to go shopping for your wedding present. Actually, we were going to go last night but it didn't work out.I will have to check out all your lists. I will talk to you about most wanted items. Have a great day!!
    Also, tell Jon good luck with the interview & call us about how it goes.

  3. Look at you all organized with a list . You too look like your having a blast. I can't wait to get married just so I can register for gifts. I love Jon's selections...I will make sure to purchase those. hehe


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