My Mangled Finger and a Photo Shoot

May 6, 2008

First off, I am a huge klutz. Second off this is a horrible picture of my hand...but that is beside the point of this blog. If you look at my pointer finger, you will notice two red marks. My desk at work took not one, but two bites out of my poor finger. This photo hardly does the painful bites on my hand justice. Trust me, they are bright red and gross....but you get the point. Today at work I was "organizing" my desk and rammed my finger across the edge and got the first bite and I yelped in pain. Then, not 30 minutes later, I did it again, in almost the same spot. After the second shout of pain, my co-worker, Dave, came in to my office to see what I was complaining about (which I tend to do often). I showed him my mangled finger and he shared in my misery...he's nice like that.

I always manage to hurt myself some how. Never a day goes by that I don't have either a bruise, scratch, bite, or red splotch somewhere on my body. If someone so much has looks at me wrong I get a bruise or red splotch. So now my whole hand is ruined. At least I have time to recover before our engagement photo session (in 2 and half weeks!). Dave told me that I should refrain from any cleaning/organizing/getting my hand bitten off by my desk for a while least my hands look like I got in a fight with a pitbull in my photos.

Speaking of engagement photos, I am for sure going to get my nails done before the shoot. I learned my lesson back in my senior year of high school when it was my senior photo shoot day and I stupidly didn't have my nails done. I didn't even try to make them look semi-decent because who would see my nails??? Sure enough the photographer has me lean on a brick wall and place my hands up by my face....and right there for the whole world to see were my un-manicured, plain, boring nails...I can't bare to look at that picture. I vowed that I would never let that happen to me again. So, not only am I getting my nails done for the engagement photos but I'll also have to come up with some kind of protective covering for the rest of my body...hmmm.

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2 Responses to “My Mangled Finger and a Photo Shoot”

  1. if you are that concerned about your nails and remember to get them done, you definitely are planning my wedding. . . there is too much for me to remember. . and im not girly enough.

  2. OUCH!! Hope your finger is better.


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