May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Recap

For Mother's Day, we went to Galien, MI to hang out with Jon's parents. Even though it rained the whole time, a good time was had by all. We also helped Jon Sr. and Connie celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary! Their wedding date was 5-6-78...easy to remember huh! Too bad our wedding date is 10-5-08...not so easy. Anyway we had some good food, goofed around, and relaxed. Even though I couldn't be with my mom, it was great to be with family.
Jon Sr. and Connie with their anniversary present from the kids...a weekend at a B&B in Holland! (I was saying to them "hold it up! I need a picture for the blog!)

Jon and Connie on Mother's Day

The "original" Renbargers...minus me

There I am!

Aren't we cute?

You know who else is cute? This little guy....where was my mother's day present?

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connie said...

Thanks for making my Mother's Day special!

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