Engagement Photos

May 28, 2008

Our engagement photos are up! If you want to see them, please send me a message!

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6 Responses to “Engagement Photos”

  1. I LOVE THEM !! What a beautiful couple.

  2. i think i love them. . . you two are super cute!

  3. Julie! First off -- I didn't know you had a blog until your Mom started drumming up voters for the "Best of Blog" contest (and I have been voting, just so you know!). It's fantastic and such a great way to keep up on all your exciting wedding plans. The photos are absolutely beautiful - you and Jon just look great together! Will they be doing the wedding photography as well? If so, those will surely be fantastic too. Can I order one of these?

  4. These pictures are beautiful!!!

  5. Grandma SusanMay 31, 2008

    Wow, love the pictures - how fun - the ones of you on the bench remind me of Knotting Hill pictures of them in the park - love the color ones the best as it shows your red hair and brown eyes - looking forward to the fun when I get there - be sure and have something for me to do - see you in July - Love Grandma Susan

  6. They are so beautiful... YOU are so beautiful!!!


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