My Nalgene is Killing Me

April 9, 2008

I've heard of this before, but this morning it was confirmed by the Today it must be true right? Apparently the plastic in my Nalgene water bottles is toxic, and can lead to fertility problems. Now let me set the record straight: I am not looking to have a baby any time soon, but I do want to protect my fertility for future use ya know? Any plastic container with the number 3, 6, or 7 in the recycle triangle at the bottom is toxic and should not be used. #7, according to Matt Lauer, is the most dangerous one...and all three of my Nalgenes were #7...go figure. I usually take a Nalgene to work every I've totally been poisoned....great.

So goodbye blue/purple Nalgene that I bought in West Virginia. I sure loved you and your Snowshoe sticker.

Goodbye red U of R Nalgene. You were the "it" thing to own senior year. I loved you too.

Goodbye green knock-off version of Nalgene given to me by MSU...I did not love you, I am not sad over you. I never really used you, so you didn't have a chance to poison hard feelings.

Also toxic #7 was my boy's cat food container. I'm not too worried about it...they don't need to worry about their fertility.

Now I am in search of a new non-toxic water bottle that is not only good for me and my fertility but good for the environment too...wish me luck.

Non-toxic plastic found in my apartment: shampoo bottle, salad dressing and ketchup containers, Brita water filter, yogurt cup, Pounce cat treat container, and throw-away water bottles....good good.

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5 Responses to “My Nalgene is Killing Me”

  1. Hey...if your not going to use those bottles I will take them...just kidding

  2. Glad those toxic bottles are gone...I want grandchildren (someday)

  3. but i LOVE my nalgene!

  4. oh no! we're not going to have hippies anymore - they're probably all infertile by now! :)

  5. I've used Nalgene bottles for years and still was able to make 3 perfectly healthy and happy little boys. It's all b.s.


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