Cake Tasting

April 26, 2008

First off, I want to say thank you to my 7 readers out there. Even though I forced you to leave me a comment, I still loved each of them! So thanks!

And now, a little about our cake tasting day! Yesterday Jon and I met with a cake decorator named Katie to discuss our wedding cake. It was so fun! Katie was so kind and seemed very excited about my design. I think she will do a wonderful job. She is young and works from her home...but she does really cute cakes. Jon told me that this was his favorite wedding planning activity so far. Why you ask? Because we got to taste all the cake! Katie had samples of each cake flavor, frosting, and filling. I wish I had my camera to take a was so cute and organized. We had fun trying different combinations. I think what we picked out will turn out really yummy! After our meeting was over, Katie left us the sample of course Jon and I ate every single piece. One more thing to cross off my checklist!

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4 Responses to “Cake Tasting”

  1. Of course this would be Jon's favorite!

  2. Sounds like you both had a GOOD time! I can't wait to taste & see the finished product.

  3. Cake tasting was one of my favorite activities too:) I'll have to show you pictures of our cake someday...

  4. I would be excited too for the cake tastings. I can't wait for the wedding and to finally meet Jon.


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