Sedona is calling my name.....

March 7, 2008

As some of you may know, Jon and I were thinking about going to Orlando for our honeymoon.....which would mean tons of fun-filled jam-packed days of Disney, Universal Studios, and whatever else the O-town has to offer....but now I am seriously having second thoughts. Do we really want to spend our honeymoon surrounded by little punks running a muck trying to get a picture with Mickey Mouse???? No Thanks. I mean it is our honeymoon afterall....

So as I am having my second thoughts, I happen to come across one of my favorite blogs, (written by John McCain's daughter Meghan) and became inspired by none other than lovely Sedona, Arizona! Never in a million years would I have considered going to Arizona for my honeymoon. But the McCains have a cabin out there and it is absolutely beautiful. I want to go....and I want to go now! I mean take a look at that picture, it is amazing! I did a little research and Sedona has some really nice B&Bs....and fun things to do and places to eat! Good thing we haven't made any official Orlando plans yet....we just may be going to Sedona....I'll keep you updated!

I sooo want to go on a Pink Jeep TourAnd a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

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  1. soooo.. . my sister totally took the pink jeep tour. lots of cute photos and pj's from that trip. sedona for your honeymoon might be fun. plus one in three people in florida carry guns. safety first.


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