March 29, 2008

So today I decided to do a little redecorating to spruce up my apartment. I got a lot done in just a few hours...take a look...

First, I put up this cute shelf in my bathroom above the towel rack. I finally have a place for all of my cute perfume bottles and I love the way it turned out.

Then, I made this paper circle piece to go above my bed. These two orange monsters were totally diggin' the new look.

I also got these three panels to hang above my bookshelf in the living room. Pancake is really handy with a hammer, although he wasn't too happy about having to use pink tools.

This is what it looks like right now, minus the orange kitty. I'm still working on this one...

Then I decided to display this "R" that my mom sent me above the big TV....I know it is a little premature since I'm not married yet, but it looked cute so I went with it....sometimes you just got to let the creative juices flow ya know?

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One Response to “Redecorating”

  1. You sure are getting handy! Love the little bathroom shelf.
    How is the poop monster doing with the new program?


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