Update on the Poop Project: Day 4

March 30, 2008

I am happy to report that so far the Poop Project has been a success...er, well except for the one time when I accidently left the off-limits bathroom door open....and the Poop Monster snuck in for a quick drop. Needless to say, the door has been closed since then. Besides that one minor setback, things are going well! We have had many successful poops in the litter box! I am going to keep things the way they are for the time being...then slowly begin to open the bathroom door and see what happens. Way to go Poop Monster...your mama sure is proud!

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2 Responses to “Update on the Poop Project: Day 4”

  1. Gotta love that Cake!

  2. Hi Julie!!! I'm so glad you left a comment for me so that I could contact you! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding - you are going to be a GORGEOUS bride:) What are you doing now - besides planning a wedding!? I ended up getting a B.A./M.A. in Spanish and teach at a college here in Bend - if only my VCHS Spanish teachers could see me now:) I hope your mom is doing well... please send me your email address so we can stay in touch!



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