Happy Easter!

March 23, 2008

For Easter, Jon and I went to his parent's house for some good cookin' and family lovin'. This was my third Easter at the Renbargers...and it was great, as always. We did, however, have a good amount of snow on the ground....which we all really love, of course.

We spent a good two hours going through Jon's baby pictures to see what ones we might want to use for a slide show at our wedding....and let me tell you, he was (and still is!) such a cutie! I am convinced that we are going to have the cutest children on the planet (but not any time soon, so don't freak out mom). I wanted to pick every picture, they were all just sooo cute! But, I resisted...and we found some really good pics....yay!

Here we are with Jon's sister, Erin.

Keeping it real with Connie and Jon Sr.

I like this picture of us...I think we look pretty.

Jon helped me make my world famous trifle.....pudding, angel food cake, whip cream, bananas, blueberries, strawberries...extreme yummieness....it is his absolute favorite thing that I make....

Me, showing off my creation....I'm good at that.

Oh yeah, I wanted to eat it all....don't worry, I didn't...

And when I got home I was greeted with not one, but two, stinky presents on the bathroom floor from this little guy....he must have really missed me....

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One Response to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Happy Easter Julie & Jon!
    I agree, you look quite pretty together.
    I thought of you today as we ate dinner outside in the sunshine....actually we complained a bit because it was too warm!
    Love you,

    The Cake left you some Easter eggs!!!


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