The Poop Monster

February 11, 2008

I apologize in advance for the excessive use of "poo" in this post. If it grosses you out, please stop reading now. You have officially been warned. cat Pancake has a new name...the Poop Monster. Don't be fooled by his cuteness, this cat is trouble. For whatever reason and out of nowhere, my sweet, good-natured, litter-box-trained, chubby little kitty has decided he no longer wants to do his business in his litter box. He now prefers to leave me presents right next to his box. I've tried everything I can think of to change his mind. I tried getting a larger box (I mean the boy weighs a good 15 pounds, so maybe he needs more room to do his stuff right?) when that didn't help I tried taking the lid cover off the box so that he could have more of an open outdoor pooing experience...also, didn't work. Next I tried moving the box to the spot on the floor he apparently preferred to go....also no luck. I got rid of my bathroom rug so as not to distract him from the spot he should be going, I bought pretty smelling candles to make it more inviting...but still the little bugger refuses to use his box. I have become obsessed with trying to train the Poop Monster to go where all good little kitties should go. Mind you, the litter box is still his preferred place for releasing his bladder (thank God...that would just about push me over the edge) but he for some reason up and decided that the box will just not do when it comes time to take a poo (ha, it rhymes!). What is a girl to do? He knows where he needs to go...why doesn't he JUST DO IT?
The Poop Monster must think this is just a fun game....some days he'll try to make me think he has converted back to the box...but then, just when I am about to jump for joy at my awesome kitty whispering techniques, he leaves me yet another unwanted present on the bathroom floor. Suggestions on what I should do are welcomed.

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