I found my dress!

February 25, 2008

Yes, it is true...I found my wedding dress....a beautiful black tulle ensemble with huge red polka dots all over it! I decided to go the non-traditional route and it will be fabulous! The bridesmaids will wear similar dresses, with pink, green, or orange dots...I haven't decided yet.

Just kidding! I mean I like polka dots and all, but I'm not crazy. These lovely little numbers were actual dresses from Lett's Bridal....and it is safe to say that the best part of the day was when we were greated by none other than Mr. Lett himself. As soon as we walked in his little shop, he said "I have a question for you ladies....do you feel half as good as you look?" --we were smitten with him from the start....and I think e was ready to marry him....he was such a cute old guy! I did find my dress (from a much more serious bridal shop), and it is white (well technically ivory) and it is lovely. Dress shopping turned out to be quite an ordeal. Two of the places we went to were just not up to par. You would not believe the obnoxious dresses out there! Plus, we learned that I have an abnormally large rib cage and small boobs (well we already knew that second part). (I want to meet one of these small-rib-cage-busty women out there....I don't think they exist.) Anyway, e's solution was to offer to break a few of my ribs....such a great maid of honor huh? But luckily I had both my mom and e with me to not only help me zip up these monstrosities but also to help make the big decision. According to e, angels sung and the heavens opened up when I put on the dress, so we knew that it was the one! And no, I will not send out pictures of the actual dress...you all will just have to wait until October 5th to see me in all my glory!

It was great to have some company this weekend and finally have my bff visit me out here in Michigan. Even the weather cooperated and it was around 30 degrees for several days! (That may sound very cold to you California people, but to us Michiganders, it was a welcomed warming trend!) (I just referred to myself as a Michigander.....someone please help me!). Anyway, we had a great time attempting to try on insane dresses, texting our friend Heather completely obnoxious dresses that we claimed were what I wanted the bridesmaids to wear, eating caramel apples, and making the save the date cards (with Jon's mom and sister too!). Overall it was a great weekend. Plus my mom took me shopping and bought me a few things....which is ALWAYS appreciated!

Miss you both already and thanks for coming dress shopping with me!

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2 Responses to “I found my dress!”

  1. You and Erin are just too cute for words!! You MUST get those polka dot dresses :)

  2. Hi Julie! It was great to see your comment. I cannot believe you are getting married in October! That is so exciting! I hope all of the planning is going well... your kitties are just adorable, too.


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