1 is the loneliest number

February 11, 2008

So as I am leaving my apartment this morning to make the long trek into work, my snow-hatin' Jeep informs me that it is 1 degree outside. Yup, you read that right...1 DEGREE! I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit at the sight of that lonely number. As if yesterday's 3 degree weather wasn't bad enough! And then, once I make it in to work (alive, thank God! and still wearing my boots and my coat to warm up) my bff "e" (new nickname as of today) emails me this little gem "it was 77 here yesterday." By "here" she means back home in glorious California. I quickly responded that I hate her.

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One Response to “1 is the loneliest number”

  1. if it makes you feel any better it was 82 on saturday. . . love you!

    <3 e


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