April 22, 2014


Allow me to introduce you to my twin....

People always ask who Hudson looks like and everyone has a different opinion! It kind of depends on the day....but most people think he is a redheaded version of my husband. However, anyone from my side of the family just sees a boy version of me...

See what I mean? There is no doubt that boy is mine!

I'm afraid he's also inherited my sassy look.

Hudson has lighter, straighter hair, than mine and has blue eyes (yay!)...but other than that he is totally my mini me. 

I'm so thankful for my little twin!

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April 21, 2014

Bunnies and eggs and some hunting

Happy day after Easter! Our little family had the best weekend. 

We all traveled up to my mom's lake house for Easter...and of course had to attend the Easter egg hunt the association puts on for little kids on Saturday! The eggs were scattered everywhere and Hudson had a blast hunting them down and plopping them in his basket like a pro. Once it was all over he kept asking for more eggs...so we did what any good parents would do....siphon eggs out of his basket when he wasn't looking and then hide them for him to find all over again. Win win.

Hudson wanted nothing to do with the giant Easter bunny that was at the hunt...but he was head over heels in LOVE with the two really bunnies that were there! And he didn't pull their fur or ears. It was an Easter egg hunt miracle. 

 photo IMG_6233copy.jpg
And of course we have to talk about Hudson's Easter basket full of fun! Not pictured: all the fun goodies from his grandparents! Hudson got a truck puzzle and alphabet letters for the bath tub from his Gigi and a bubble lawn mower and a John Deere tractor shirt and socks from grandma and grandpa. #spoiled #OnlyGrandkidOnBothSides

 photo IMG_6269.jpg
Hudson LOVED his goodies from the Easter bunny.

 photo IMG_6262.jpg
And I was thrilled he loved his monogrammed bunny. He slept with it last night and has been carrying it around every since. Melt my heart.

 photo IMG_6285.jpg
We ate our Easter lunch and then after a nap (for Hudson, not us!) it was time to play with the new lawn mower and wear his new shirt, of course. This kid had a blast all day!

 photo IMG_6303.jpgThe rest of the weekend was spent hunting more Easter eggs in my mom's yard and eating lots of yummy food. We are so thankful for a wonderful weekend with our families...and for 70 degree weather and lots of time outside!

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April 18, 2014

5 on Friday

{one} He is Risen! (print by Little Baby Garvin) Happy Good Friday! As usual I'm linking up with the lovely ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday...and you should too!
{two} Look what the Easter bunny brought me! And by Easter bunny I totally mean myself. My long awaited hunter wellies. I'm in love. You can now refer to me as the girl in the red rain boots. Because I am Never. Taking. Them. Off.

{three} It would be nice if the Easter bunny also brought me this bag. Because it's all kind of awesome. And by Easter bunny, this time I mean my husband. hint. hint.

{four} Hudson moved up to the big boy room this week at school....it hasn't been a perfect transition but I know he will have more fun in his new room. I've been spying a lot on him using their video feed....which mostly causes major anxiety in me for some reason...but I did catch him sitting at the table with all his friends eating a snack. And he's not strapped in. Holy cow.

 {five} I put together these succulents as a thank you gift for Hudson's teachers. They are the only plant I haven't managed to kill!

Happy Easter! p.s....don't forget to check out my "we like clean bums and we can not lie" post!

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April 17, 2014

Learning to speak boy

Forget my four years of college and two years of graduate school. Nothing I learned there prepared me for what I do on a daily basis....communicate with a tiny little BOY all day long.

Here is where my education is lacking:

 Cars, trucks, and tractors. That's about all I know...but that isn't going to cut it for much longer. Hudson is already obsessed with anything with wheels (or propellers) and soon enough he is going to know SO much more than me about all things truck. Dump truck, front loader, bulldozer, excavator...say what? 

 Forget all you learned about please and thank you. Key words in our house are (in order of importance): basketball, boots, PUPPY, airplane, outside, and fruit snacks. If you know those six words you are golden.

And all that stuff you learned about matching your shoes to your purse? Totally doesn't matter. Tractor rain boots and camo GO WITH EVERYTHING.

You better learn your tools. A full on tool obsession has broken out in our house. Thank you Green Toys for labeling each tool and making it a little easier on me. I always forget which screwdriver is the Phillips one. Now I know. Now if only the makers of real tools were that smart. 

You better know your animals....mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs...you name it. Thanks to this book I now know baby whales are called calfs. 

Sports. Period. I need to learn more about them. Baseball, basketball, football....you name it. And apparently Easter egg ball is a new up and coming sport. I better hit the books and get some practice time in asap.

I wouldn't trade learning this new language for the world. If it means I get to talk to that cute face every day then sign me up!

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April 16, 2014

The Breastfeeding Diaries: Chantal from Scattered Seashells

This beautiful, sweet, and charming breastfeeding story is brought to you today by Chantal from Scattered Seashells. I promise you will be glad you read it......

My daughter has the most beautiful eyes. They are small and rimmed with long, thick eyelashes. The color is amazing, a mix of blue and green and gray, with a ring of yellow right around the pupils, just like mine. They are so bright and full of fun, play, and a tiny bit of toddler wisdom. I've spent the better part of her life trying to capture them on film, but there is no better time to see them than when I'm nursing her.

Penny is a busy girl, a spirited young toddler at 22 months, a girl who cannot be stopped. All day long she is buzzing from this room to that. In one hand could be a block, and the other a book, and the next moment she could drop both of those for her favorite stuffed animal. If I ask for a hug and kiss, she responds with a playful scream as she runs away down the hall. If I want to spy those pretty eyes, I have to catch her and hold her down, brushing away that unruly hair from her face, if she lets me.

But when I'm nursing her, even for those few moments, the craziness stops. She looks up at me with those beautiful eyes as calm washes over both of us. My baby, my toddler, my daughter.

I remember the first time I nursed her. Her birth was a cesarean and my husband took her back to the recovery room while they finished stitching me in the operating room. For 45 minutes he held a crying baby against his chest, waiting for me to come back. They wheeled me in and I took her into my arms, lost in a daze, and this crying baby that was mine quieted down immediately as she latched on and filled her tummy.

Now here we are, over 22 months later. I can't believe it! My breastfeeding goal had always been a year, and then we would see what happens after that. Despite an effort to wean, though not a strong effort, our breastfeeding relationship is still going strong.

I've learned in the past few months that breastfeeding a toddler is not for the faint-hearted. She can talk now, so when she gets the idea that she wants to nurse, she starts clawing at my chest demanding her "mil-mil." She can understand when I say no, not now, though it upsets her. When she is nursing, half the time she is trying to stand, moving this way and that, wiggling with all that energy that courses through her body. Always moving!

Except when she's tired, and then she's cradled in my arms, a far cry from the less-than-7-pound baby that was mine 22 months ago. Then, I had to use a pillow to prop her little body up. Now, she drapes across my lap, her legs hanging off the side, her long arms reaching my nose, my mouth, my eyes.

Her eyes are still the same, though, and I'm lucky that I've been able to have these moments throughout each day to look at them. I know I'll miss the opportunity to relax with her once our breastfeeding time has finished.


If you would like to contribute your story to the Breastfeeding Diaries series, please email me at thegirlintheredshoes @ gmail

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